Televised Sports events

Not content with nationalising the planes and the trains, jim Anderton has a new target – sporting events. Yes he thinks these should be confiscated off sporting codes (with compensation) and made the property of the state to broadcast on free to air TV.

Frog Blog has a thread on this, and I’m pleased to say even over there the vast majority see this as a step too far.

My favourite quote is from Toad:

With essential services I’m not a great fan of user pays (because some users can’t afford to pay) but I don’t rate television sport in that category, so tend to agree with you on this one BB. I’m quite happy to fork out my Sky sub each month so I can watch live sport.

I don’t expect to get into the ground for free to see the match, so why should I expect to see it free on television?

Indeed the next logical step would be for the state to hand out free tickets to sports events on the grounds of fairness.

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