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Deborah Coddington lets loose on :

… since American politics – whether we like it or not – impacts on the world – we should all be grateful to this woman who has exposed Edwards as a liar, hypocrite, narcissist, and, ultimately, misogynist.

Edwards was always my least favourite Democratic candidate of the three of them.

It's taken the “respectable” newspapers months to pick up on Edwards' vainglorious behaviour. Broken first by the National Enquirer, it was ignored by the “mainstream ” until they finally conceded the tabloid was on to something.

It is worth recalling that the New York Times ran a massive story alleging that McCain may have had an affair with a lobbyist. There wasn't any evidence of this affair, just suspicions yet that was enough to make their front page. But with John Edwards, they ignored the affair for months and months despite the it was well known around the beltway, and had been covered at length in the tabloids.

I just wish Edwards had beaten Obama. If the Republicans had been handed this delicious news in the middle of the presidential campaign, McCain would easily be seated in the Oval Office, and the prospects of free trade for our agricultural produce, and New Zealand's economy, would get a whole lot better.

Even Phil Goff is saying that NZ will do better in terms of a trade agreement, if McCain wins.

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