Death reported

One News is reporting:

There are reports that the Prime Minister is involved in a incident near Lake Tekapo where she’s been on a skiing or tramping trip.

A person is reported to have died. It’s been initially reported that it was a staff member but it’s not clear who or how at this point.

Helen Clark is said to have attempted to resuscitate the staff member but was unsuccessfully.

Search and Rescue are attempting to reach the group at a tramping hut near the lake but weather conditions in the area are hampering rescue efforts.

ONE News reporters are currently heading to the area and we’ll have more on the situation as information becomes available.

God, how awful. Being present at a suddent death of someone you are close to is an awful experience.  Details still sketchy but enough known to convey sympathies to the PM and everyone else involved.

Guyon Espiner has just named the dead person as Gottlieb Braun-Elwert, who is a mounatin climbing expert and has been a mentor to Clark. It seems it was a medical condition, not an accident. Sounds like they tried resuscitating him for some time, but they were so isolated they couldn’t keep him alive until full medical help arrived. Clark herself took part in resuscitation efforts it seems. Good on her.

On a related note the hail at the moment is so strong, I can’t even hear the TV set. I hope it is better weather at Lake Tekapo.

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