The SST re-election campaign continues

The Sunday Star-Times best efforts to re-elect the Government continue. They try a double header today.

First a story on National’s Benefits Policy. They only talk to two people oppossed to the policy, and no-one in support. They talk to a senior lecturer in political science and a mother who has been on the DPB for 10 years.

Meanwhile they gush over Labour:

Early childhood worker Jemima Newcombe and her partner Jason Steel are ready to raise the roof. The aspiring homeowners from Glendene, Auckland, are among the first to be accepted into Labour’s pilot shared equity scheme.

And the entire story is about how wonderful they feel to have got this support.

So for the story on National’s policy they choose to only interviwe people who are critical of it, and for the story on Labour’s policy, only people who have benefited from it.

Maybe it is just coincidence. But wouldn’t it have been more balanced to have a contrary view in each article? It would not have been hard – probably take 30 minutes work.

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