A Government that thinks they are above the law

The implicit attacks on the Serioud Fraud Office Director by Clark and Cullen (and Peters) are really final proof that this is a Government that thinks they are above the law. There is a very disturbing pattern of abuse directed towards senior officials who ever draw attention to the fact someone in the Government is breaking the law.

Here’s five examples:

  1. attacked the Police for the investigation of her for forgery in Paintergate
  2. attacked the Chief Electoral Officer for stating the 2005 pledge card was an election advertisement and referring them to the Police
  3. Labour and allies launched a sustained campaign of vilification against the Auditor-General for whistle blowing on their illegal use of taxpayer funded parliamentary budgets
  4. Just last week Jim Anderton attacked the Electoral Commission for referring him to the Police for a possibly illegal election advertisement
  5. The refusal of Clark and Cullen to express confidence in the Director of the Serious Fraud Office while the is investigating one of her Ministers on serious or complex fraud allegations

Now consider this. The evidence the SFO seemingly gave to the Privileges Committee was that one of Helen’s Ministers lied to the media, lied to the public and gave a false statement to the Privileges Committee. This is an incredibly serious thing. The only reason it isn’t perjury is because they never swore their statements under oath.

Labour resent being held to account by the laws of this land. Whenever laws are broken they attack the law enforcement agencies. This goes well beyond a third term born to rule attitude. It is a sense of entitlement and being untouchable that is repugnant.

The NZ First President is reported to have complained to the Police about the SFO. This is a media stunt designed to hide the fact that the evidence the SFO is meant to have revealed is devasasting for Peters and Henry’s credibility. The NZ First President should in fact be thanking the SFO – he was one of those who knew nothing about the Spencer Trust before they shed light on it.

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