Bolger keeping busy

Tim Donoghue details how busy Jim Bolger is, and also how he is getting paid more than when he was PM!

  • Chair of NZ Post and Kiwibank – $165,144
  • Chair Gas Industry Company – $85,708
  • Chancellor of Waikato University – $25,350
  • Former PMs pension – $40,250
  • Former MPs pension – will be large as served from 1972 to 1998
  • Chairman of Kiwirail – probably $80,000 or so I estimate
  • Chair of Trustees Executors
  • Advisory Board of World Agricultural Forum
  • NZ-US Council
  • Board of Ian Axford Fellowshops in Public Policy

I know some Directors who serve on boards with Bolger and they rave about his chairmanship skills. I guess having chaired Cabinet with Ruth and Jenny in it, prepares you for anything 🙂

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