Business NZ Conference Part III

Three minor “leaders”

  1. Rodney Hide, ACT
  2. Russel Norman, Greens
  3. Derek Fox, Maori Party

Russel Norman

Environment movement needs to move beyond treating humans as a virus infecting the planet. Not about just doing less bad, but more good. Business sector is key part of this.

Need to transition to a sustainable economy. I then drifted off as various enviromental and resources issues were outlined. I do find the Q&A sessions much more useful than just plenary speeches.

Rodney Hide

Talked of Sir Roger’s goal to beat Australia by 2020 – and not just in the rugby or the netball. Says he loved it. Much more inspiring than some OECD average.

Said that he wanted Sir Roger around cabinet table as if he could convince a Labour Cabinet the merits of free market policies, sh should be able to do the same with a National Cabinet 🙂

Repeated Douglas on holding govt spending to inflation and population will allow a personal and company tax rate of 20%.

Derek Fox

I’ve got bored with the leaders and am working on some further Winston stuff, so no summary of Derek. Generally not a useful content compared to the Q&A which I thought worked very well.

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