More Labour polling

Betty Blue got polled on behalf of Labour it seems. She says:

Pollster’s next question; how sure are you that you are going to vote National? Then, did I believe that Labour was doing a good job, etc. Same old, same old. Did the guy not listen to my previous answers? Further down the track he brought up John Key and how well I knew his policies, if I believed he can be trusted, how did I feel he handled tricky situations, if I considered him a strong or weak leader, if he made many mistakes, etc, etc. Leading stuff, I would have thought – trying to put a thought or two in my mind…

Next, the pollster informed me that if National won, Roger Douglas would be a likely canidate for the post of finance minister, and how did I feel about that? So, where were the leading questions about Helen and co? This was a concern I voiced. I also pointed out that Bill English was likely to be the next finance minister, that Roger Douglas was ruled strongly out in this role by Key some time ago. Anyway, was good for a laugh, if nothing else, I guess. I did have pleasure in taking part, even if the pollster’s questions rang of the absurdly desperate…by the absurdly desperate…for the absurdly desperate.

Now just to correct Betty Blue, this was not a push poll. It was testing attack lines. A push poll would involve calling tens of thousands, not a small random sample.

But having said that, it is interesting to see the likely attack lines from Labour. Despite Key’s statement, they look to be planning to use the line that voting for National will see Sir Roger Douglas as Finance Minister again.

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