Who is Trevor talking about?

Who is Trevor Loudon talking about?

He is regarded as a political maverick, who in the past has challenged his own party’s leadership.

He hales from the southern part of his country, an area known for its hot dry winds and often arid parched soils. Its people are tough but very laid back.

He has been embroiled in a do or die battle with another politician that has held the country’s interest like no other political event in decades.

His opponent is a lawyer turned politician, a “man of color” as the Americans say. His opponent is telegenic, charming, charismatic and known for his oratory. …

Recently he confirmed his electoral 2IC.

She is a 44 year old, gun-toting super mother of 5. She is attractive, dedicated, intelligent and youthful. She is known as a strong campaigner against government waste and is a committed supporter of her country’s Armed Forces.

Click on the link above to see who he is referring to. Quite smart.

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