Staying with a friend in Hamilton. The bitch (and I mean that in a loving caring way) sent the kids in to wake me up and play games with me before 7 am, so she could get some more sleep. That would be bad enough at the best of times, but as I had been drinking Black Russians until 3 am it was cruel and unusual punishment.

Spent a couple of hours building forts from cushions with Master Four and Miss Two. Very tiring, especially after four hours sleep. The day before I had to fend them (and a visiting Miss Six) off for over an hour as they launched light sabre attacks on me. What I found amusing is playing the games on Thursday gets you a bit clucky as it is great fun to be a big kid. But then having to do the same again at 7 am the next morning squarely puts me back into the “Thank God I don’t have kids” camp.

Anyway I now know all of Thomas the Tank Engine’s friends off by heart!

Also quite amusing to go outside this morning, and find the rabbit asleep in its rabbit hutch, and the next door neighbour’s cat asleep on top of the hutch. It seems the cat has been trying to have rabbit stew for some days. This would be a very bad thing as they are only babysitting the rabbit for friends.

Oh well, time to start heading up to Auckland for National’s campaign launch. I think it will be a slow day today!