Three more interviews

Three more interviews from the blogmobile, from during the week.

This one was interesting, as we did it while driving. Nikki Kaye was down from Auckland to appears in Back Benchers. Her plane was delayed though and we didn’t leave the airport until 8.40 pm, with the live show starting just after 9 pm.

So we did the interview as we drove from the airport. I drove and asked the questions with Nikki in the passenger seat and Cameron standing up holding the camera. Amazingly it came out okay.

Nikki said the economy was the number one issue in Auckland Central and her first election was at school to become Head Prefect. She goes for McCain but diplomatically also praised Obama and Clinton.

In response to the question on what will she do with her tax cuts, Nikki revealed that sadly she has been a full-time candidate so the tax cuts won’t benefit her at all. And in response to Goff vs Cunliffe, she opted for depression if she had to choose 🙂

Then the next day we ran into John Hayes in Wairarapa and interviewed John in front of his vehicle.

We talked about the peacock called Winston and his propensity to shit everywhere. Without hesitation he said the biggest issue in the Wairarapa was Helen Clark, and wanting to get rid of her. John revealed his first election was at Lincoln University for Student Association President, which he won.

On the international front John went for Obama over McCain, saying his head says Obama and his heart McCain. And the final Goff vs Cunliffe question got a response of Shane Jones – definitely a possible contender.

Final interview was Nick Bryant, who was our gracious host on his family vineyard and farm. Nick made some predictions for the parties for the election – NZ First 4%, Maori Party all seven seats and 3%, Greens 7% to 7.5%, Labour 33% to 34%, ACT 2.5% to 3%, National close to 50%.

Nick predicted Obama would romp in, as John looks too much like George. And in response to the traditional Goff vs Cunliffe questions, went for Cunliffe.

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