Was the “Don’t shout like you do at home” remark deliberate?

NZ Herald Political Editor Audrey Young looks at the attack ad run by Labour against . SHe blogs:

The pictures chosen did get me wondering though. Having chosen such an aggressive photograph of John Key for the first picture in the ad, I wondered whether the Labour leader’s attempt to portray Key in last week’s television debate as aggressive at home was quite the error it appeared to be at the time.

Perhaps it was part of a wider strategy to try to convince the public the John Key you see in public is not the real John Key.

I think Audrey may be onto something here. Clark may well have tailored her comments in the debate to support the theme her were going to take.

Adam Smith at The Inquiring Mind comments:

… was the attempt to portray Key as some sort of tyrannical figure at home part of a wider strategy as suggested by Ms Young above. Was Helen’s tantrum part of some misbegotten plan? Has Labour embarked on a dirty tricks campaign?

Adam then looks at how after losing the debate Clark accussed Key of losing control and having a tantrum. He concludes:

Perhaps there is something in what is suggesting after all. …

it is fascinating that Audrey Young thinks Clark and Labour fully capable of such a strategy.

Now remind Adam which party is supposed to be employing evil spin doctors. Who is going on about trust all the time?

Personally I have no problem with the TV advert Labour are running. May they keep running it. I do still have a problem with the PM’s suggestion that John Key shouts in anger at his wife and children, and the only thing worse than her saying such a thing in the heat of the moment would be her saying such a thing as part of a deliberate campaign to paint him that way.

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