Final TV One debate

I’m struck by how civilised it is, and how often they both agreed with each other and backed each other’s answers up. Almost as if they were campaigning on the same ticket.

No big fuck ups and no home runs, so I don’t think any votes will swing on it. I will say I thought it was Helen’s best performance of the three debates – she talked like a real person and connected in a way she hadn’t with other debates. John did just that in the first debate, and of course again this time.

I actually say they are both joint winners – it was a good natured yet informative debate with minimal squabbling. Or so far anyway.

UPDATE 1: It’s only got more cordial. Someone must have spiked the fruit juice. I swear they’re going to hug each other at the end of the debate instead of the traditional handshake!

UPDATE 2: The debate makes me wonder if Labour polling tells them there has been a backlash over the H-Fee, secret tapings you can’t trust John agenda, because Helen talking about how John is a decent guy who just has different policies to her totally goes against their campaign to date of how you can’t trust him.

Anyway debates all over and two days to go. Yay.