Goff whines

Phil Goff is whining that the Maori Party are daring to actually try and get some policy wins for their supporters, rather than consign themselves to impotence in opposition. How dare they. Phil says:

Mr Goff said the party was binding itself to National for three years without knowing what its policies would be. He said the party could suffer the way New Zealand First did for going with National after winning Maori seats in 1996.

Umm Phil they can vote against any policies they don’t like. And again Phil it is not like 1996 – they do not have the choice of Labour or National. It is a choice of National or nothing. But good to know you want them to go for nothing.

Mr Goff doubted National could assure the party that it would protect Maori from rising unemployment and that it would not cut education or health services.

Good God, Phil thinks he can protect Maori magically from rising unemployment? Tell us the secret Phil. I hope it is better than the ridiculous transition relief package that delivered lots of money to high income double income couples but not hing to low income single income workers.

So will people listen to Phil?

The party’s Te Tai Tokerau MP, Hone Harawira, told NZPA after attending hui in Northland at Waipu and Wellesford, with another scheduled for tonight in Auckland’s Henderson, that consultation was going “bloody fabulous”.

“People are wanting us to have a shot, they’re cautious but they are saying go for it anyway.”

He ranked support at about 98 percent.

Guess not. And Hone again on Newstalk ZB:

Mr Harawira has responded, saying there have been more positive approaches from National in the past three days than from Labour in the past three years. He says he does not “give a stuff” what Labour’s position is.

And this is the key point. Phil Goff’s party crapped on the Maori Party. Not only were they the last cab off the rank in 2005, Labour refused to even try and negotiate a deal with them. And then Phil has the arrogance to tell them that they should sit there impotently in Opposition with Labour.

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