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A guest post from Peter McKeefry:

This election we all have an important role to play. We need to elect a government that will guide us through troubled economic waters. However, we want more than that – we want a government who will promote New Zealand, grow New Zealand, and ensure New Zealand prospers. I also look for a government that promotes self-responsibility and self-determination. Normally I would not have bothered with including in my list a Government that would protect democracy – as I would have thought that would be a given – but after the lies and deceit of the Pledge card fiasco and then the democracy corrupting Electoral Finance Act, I now believe that protection of our democracy is more important than all my other key triggers.

So who will I support and why?

I live in Wellington Central – so I have a choice of voting for either Stephen Franks, or Grant Roberston. Both are good people and would do a great job as Wellington’s representative. However Grant supports Labour and does not see anything wrong with the electoral Finance Act. He told me that it is not an election issue. I will never support anyone who supports that insidious piece of legislation. Grant is probably waving the Labour flag on this issue – and I hope when National reform that piece of legislation, what is left of Labour will constructively contribute to wide cross party agreement. Labour will not get my vote for a whole variety of other reasons – including their hate of success (although they love to suck on the blood of the successful). I despise Labour because I believe there is nothing Clark will not do for power. On the other Hand I can and will vote Stephen Franks. His has major intellectual grunt. He is a hard worker and has been successful in his career as a lawyer and as a politician. Stephen has similar values to myself and I will be proud to have him represent me and my family in Wellington Central. The Labour Party have been spreading lies about him – such is the mentality of the negative campaigning. I have taken much joy in ripping down those lies that are posted on private property around the city.

My personal choice for the party vote comes down to National and Act. National are scoring around 50% and almost definitely going to form the government – John Key will be Prime Minister come Monday. I believe John Key will become a great Prime Minister – and New Zealand will prosper under a National government. Nevertheless, John Key needed to march left to gather up and grow the vote from the 40% that Don Brash delivered in 2005 to the 50% support now enjoyed.

National need friends and John Key will build friendships with Act and the Maori Party. National being friends with Maori will be one of Labour’s greatest fears. National will deliver to Maori.

Act more than any other party in parliament stand for self-responsibility does. In a nutshell that is my main driver. For too long Labour has made the bed and tried to tuck us in so we have become dependant upon Labour. Very comfortable – maybe too comfortable.

A bit more welfare here and there – often for those who do not need it – Labour have bought votes of students, of middle classes, of families, the gay community, the welfare beneficiaries – given them a bit more each time an election comes around. Labour have avoided making hard decisions because hard decisions will lose them votes. The bed is becoming so comfortable that people are reluctant to get out of bed and go and do some exercise.

National cannot afford to burn off those people so have had to swallow hard and say they will maintain the status quo. Only Act will kick them out of the bed and tell them to get a life. National need Act to have the excuse to get the lazy sods out of bed.

So here in Wellington I am pleased that I can vote for Stephen Franks (ex Act MP) on my electorate vote and Party Vote Act.

Peter McKeefry
Mt Victoria

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