Rodney on the coalition agreement

Not online, but a PR from Rodney on the coalition confidence and supply agreement with National:

I see National and ACT’s Confidence and Supply Agreement as a victory for democracy.
A week ago New Zealand voted for a Centre-Right government and today, with this historic agreement, we have one.

Yep 64/122 seats.

Agreement was achieved at an unbelievably quick pace. Tremendous ground was covered as a result – and only because – of the tremendous spirit of good faith and trust built up between my self and John Key during his time as Leader of the Opposition, and throughout the past week when he gained enormous respect from me with his openness and willingness to see the other’s point of view.

All our discussions this week indicate we have the basis for a long-lasting and fruitful relationship based on that mutual respect.

Sounds good.

John Key and I have set the big goal of New Zealand closing the income gap with Australia by 2025. We aim to catch and match Australia. That’s a stretch. It’s what we need to do to bring our kids home.

Heh, always set a goal that you can’t fail at while still in office 🙂

That’s a wee bit cynical. People won’t expect much progress in the first term as we recover from the inherited recession, but will expect progress in subsequent terms.

We share the view of the need to make New Zealand safer. That’s why ACT’s ‘Three strikes and You’re Out’ policy for violent offenders will have National’s support to a Select Committee. We look forward to New Zealanders getting behind this measure that will save lives.

A sensible compromise is having it go to select committee.

On Climate Change we will review New Zealand’s response with agreed draft terms of reference. The implementation of the Emissions Trading Scheme will be delayed until the review is completed, and the thermal generation ban will be repealed.

ACT did not get the ETS scrapped, just reviewed which was going to happen anyway. And the thermal generation ban was loopy.

On spending, we will establish a series of task forces to undertake a fundamental review of base government spending in identified sectors. Capping core government spending will receive Select Committee consideration.

Yes and yes. Both good.

We have set a medium-term goal of setting the top rate of at 30 percent. In doing so, we have made the clear statement that New Zealand now has a government that will reward and celebrate success – not punish it.

United Future also supports a 30% top rate. It won’t happen in the next three years but is a good goal to aim for.

National and ACT are committed to combating the red tape that’s tying New Zealanders in knots, with John Key appointing me Minister of Regulatory Reform. We will establish a task force to carry forward work on the Regulatory Responsibility Bill, and we will explore the concept of a New Zealand Productivity Commission.

The NZ Productivity Commission is a very worthwhile concept. The Australian equivalent has been very successful in attracting bipartisan support for its ideas. Phil could be smart here and support this.

Rodney as Minister in charge of reducing regulations also a win-win.

I’ve yet to see the full agreement, but what Rodney has mentioned sounds very good – some real wins for ACT supporters but nothing that National would be uncomfortable with. The biggest risk area is around delaying the ETS too much – it would just give ammo to Labour/Greens – but if the outcome is a better designed ETS, then that is good.

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