US election thread

5.00 – the western states push Obama to over 270 and victory. A historic day.

4.34 – not looking likely that Democrats can get to 60 for the Senate. 58 is possible though. count now 207 to 135.

4.16 – Exit poll shows McCain getting 31% of Latino vote compared to Bush got 40%. count now 207 to 95. Obama has won New Mexico, Iowa and Ohio

3.31 – It is Obama 200 and McCain 90. Ohio has gone to Obama and in Obama leas 51% to 48% with 55% of precincts in. I think it is safe to now conclude Barack Obama will be the 44th President of the United States.

3.07 – in the Senate, Dems have picked up North Carolina, Virginia and New Hampshire. I think New Mexico also. That makes them 55. Will they make 60?

2.55 – the Democrats have picked up the Governorship of Missouri. For the election no state has changed hands yet from 2004 – and North Carolina plus Ohio should be the first to go if Obama is to win. With 43% of precincts reporting in Florida Obama ahead 52% to 48%,

2.52 – Obama 103 votes to 69 for McCain. 270 needeed for a win. McCain ahead on popular vote just – by 13,000 votes. Dems now picked up three Senate seats so with their two Independents up to 54 seats.

1.40 – Obama leading in by 13% but early days

1.12 – Democrats win one Senate seat – Virginia. Up to 52. They want 60.

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