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MacDoctor highlights a visit to an alternate reality by Phil Goff”

There is an old adage that if you are going to lie, then you are more likely to get away with it the more outrageous and barefaced the lie. I’m not sure if that is true, but Phil Goff certainly believes this. On the same day that the “hole” in the ACC accounts mushroomed to a staggering $2.5 billion, Phil “I want to be a real boy” Goff made this statement:

Labour leader Phil Goff said Treasury’s briefing highlighted that National had inherited a healthy set of books and it should not be squandered.

I’m impressed, Phil. Machiavelli himself couldn’t have told such a whopper. I particularly enjoyed the suggestion that National might squander the money that you have so carefully built up. Very ballsy of you, I must say.

Unfortunately, I think you might find that that nice Mr Key is just lacing up his hobnail boots…

Can someone let me know in what dimension the following is considered a healthy set of books:

  • A decade of deficits projected
  • Debt to increase by over $30 billion from 20% of GDP to 30% of GDP
  • Inflation at 5%
  • Unemployment projected to hit 6%
  • A recession
  • Billions of dollars needed to bailout ACC

At the first question time, some Govt backbenchers should ask questions to Mr English on whether he agrees Mr Goff has left him “a healthy set of books”.

UPDATE: The crown accounts out today show the Government’s surplus has plunged by $5 billion from a $1.5 surplus to a $3.5 billion deficit. More of Phil’s healthy set of books! The plunge is primarily due to unrealised losses on investments, but they will have flow on effects to income and lead to increased debt.

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