John Key has released the DPMC BIM. The breakdown of the 120 staff is interesting:

  1. External Assessments Bureau 27
  2. Government House 27
  3. Cabinet Office 25
  4. Corporate Services 17
  5. Policy Advisory Group 16
  6. Domestic & External Security Group 6
  7. CEO Office 2

The last five sections look right to me in terms of staff numbers. Cabinet Office basically runs the cabinet system of government, and the Policy Advisory Group do a magnificent job in co-ordinating and leading policy across the entire Government. No-one sane would reduce their numbers.

But I am surprised 27 staff are needed for the Governor-General. That’s more staff than the PM has in his personal office.

Also somewhat surprised by 27 staff working in the EAB. I wouldn’t have thought there was that much assessing to be done – especially when you consider MFAT, SIS and GCSB also work somewhat in this area.

So maybe the Cabinet Committee on Expenditure Control can start in the centre 🙂

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