Lots of fun

A really fun weekend. Saturday afternoon had a friend’s 30th. I knew her when she was a first year, so that made me feel really old, but still was a fun do. A few of the people there worked in the Beehive up until recently, and I was greatly amused that they had a list of people whose jobs they were keen to have reviewed by the new Cabinet Committee on Expenditure Control 🙂

Then later on had the 4th annual pig-athon put on by Ash and Hamish. The food was as great as last year’s, and was very relaxing.

The following day went to see The Day the Earth Stood Still with Accident Girl. It was ok, but not great. Even though it was a two hour movie, the plot didn’t explain things enough, and it jerked around. The first half was better when there was more mystery about the film, but then it turned into a preachy “Look after the planet better or the nasty alien will wipe out all the humans”.

After the movie read the SST, and highly amused to see the Ginga Ninja featured with his girlfriend in the lifestyle section, with their home.  It told the infamous story of how they met (he was pretending to be a Louis Voitton salesman and she picked him up in a bar) and their first words to each other the next morning, which were along the lines of “Shit, You’ve got tatoos” and “Fuck, you’re a ginge”. Their wedding is in March 🙂

I phoned them up to hassle them on profile, and by total coincidence they were at a flat warming next door to Reading Cinemas, where I was. So three minutes later I am enjoying this view.

This flat has a stunning inner city view. The balcony goes all the way around and we had a great bbq and party up there. Half the flat are professional chefs, so no complaints over the food! The flat really has to be seen to be believed but it would be one of the nicest ones in the CBD. I’m hoping they have a New YearEves Party there.

Finally after that headed off to dinner at Hazel at Mt Victoria. Well it was meant to be dinner, but somehow I had a conference call scheduled during it, so had to step outside and by the time it finished they were on dessert as I was having my main reheated. Still food was damn nice, so will go back there again sometime.

All up, was pretty pleased with five social functions/activities in the space of around 30 hours. Need more weekends like that!

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