Very stupid

Stealing is stupid. Stealing from journalists is even more stupid. Stealing alcohol from journalists is terminally stupid.

NZPA report:

Wellington, Dec 18 NZPA – Up to four Labour Party staffers face the sack after they were allegedly caught stealing alcohol from a parliamentary Christmas function.

Police were called to Parliament in the early hours of today after the four people were seen loading surplus alcohol from the Press Gallery Christmas party into a car on the precinct.

One of the men was detained and arrested at the scene, allegedly with over $400 worth of wine in his car. He has been charged with theft.

The man’s accomplices escaped, but NZPA understands security footage shows four people were involved in the alleged theft — all of them junior Labour Party staffers.

$400 worth of wine is probably around three dozen bottles or so. Apart from the fact it is wrong, and also an abuse of the hospitality of the galley – it is also stupid considering the number of security cameras and guards around the place.

I left around 1 am and it was still going strong. I’m curious as to what time the alleged theft took occurred.

Goff will be ropeable. They will either be MPs secretaries or members of Goff’s personal office.

Labour leader Phil Goff said the staffers’ actions were “totally unacceptable”.

“I deeply regret that that action was taken. It is perhaps a message for young people at Christmas functions — watch how much you drink and remember you will be accountable for your actions afterwards.”

Mr Goff said he did not know the individuals personally.

In which case my assumption is they are secretaries/EAs – probably for new MPs. Their MPs will be very upset that their first staffing decision has blown up in their face.

UPDATE: Despite Goff saying he does not know any of them, they may actually be from his office, not MPs Secretaries. Not that I met everyone there last night, but there were not a lot of secretaries there.

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