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From around the traps:

  1. Homepaddock has a photo of the Kurow Hay Family. Cute.
  2. Bomber at Tumeke actually supports discrimination on the basis of nationality or where someone is born. Someone send him a NZ First membership kit.
  3. Stephen Franks has another post on the issue of freedom of assocation and why he supports a liberal but not libertarian regime.
  4. Bill Ralston blogs on what he sees as the demonising of men.
  5. Paul Walker has a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon explaining corporate welfare. I love Calvin.
  6. Whale Oil has got himself a blog tattoo. He left the URL off though!
  7. Greg Mankiw notes that much of the Obama stimulus package will take years to take effect – possibly after it is needed.
  8. Iain Dale blogs his hopes and fears for Obama.

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