Greens say NZ should welcome terrorists

Green MP Keith Locke wants New Zealand to take in the “detainees” from Guantamamo Bay.

Poneke notes:

While the inmates there are undoubtedly being held in flagrant breach of international law, it is quite obvious that most of those inmates are also ruthless terrorists. They need to be put on trial in somewhere like the Hague, not brought to New Zealand to learn to fly planes. It was honourable of New Zealand to welcome the Tampa refugees to our country in 2001. They were refugees from the Taleban and Al Qaeda. The inmates are the Taleban and Al Qaeda.

Indeed. As TVNZ reported:

Top US general John Altenburg says 30 Guantanamo inmates who were released have since been involved in terrorist acts or have been recaptured on the battlefield.

This reminds me of just after the 9/11 attacks, when the marched just days later to demand the US not respond, and they merely negotiate with the Taliban.

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