Carter complains schools spending too much helping special needs

has attacked, well basically every high school on the North Shore. He claims:

“To be quite honest that’s the problem with the North Shore high schools. They’d all employed extra staff based on their foreign fee-paying students giving them that extra revenue, because … it’s the biggest concentration of high-decile high schools in one area in the country and they’re essentially in competition with each other for students.

“So they’d overextended themselves, parental donations were sliding, international student fees were falling – so somebody had to be blamed for the schools employing fancy ballet teachers, fancy swimming teachers, extra PE teachers, extra support for special needs.

How dare those schools employ extra support for students with special needs. Labour condemns such things.

Just as it was a bad idea for National’s Allan Peachey to get in a shouting match with Selwyn College, I am not sure Labour will see it as a good thing to have their Spokeperson trying to pick fights with every high school on the North Shore. Not the way to build bridges in opposition.

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