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I cover the Government’s spending cuts, Phil Goff on charity and Colin Espiner’s comments on Andrew Little’s dual role.

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Matthew Hooton’s column (not online you have to buy the paper) is also on the Government’s spending cuts. Matthew does a fascinating case study of the bureaucracy in the tourism portfolio (Labour set up a new Ministry of Tourism that now costs 10% of the budget of Tourism NZ that does the actual marketing) and concludes entire agencies need to be cut, not just programmes. His conclusion I’ve typed up:

The Ministry of Tourism is far from being the worst case. Take the masakari to the corporate welfare programmes of the Ministry for Economic Development and NZ Trade and Enterprise; abolish the pointless Tertiary Education, Families and Electricity commissions; simplify the Emissions Trading Scheme so it won’t cost tens of millions to administer; slash the “policy advice streams” of TPK, Youth Development, Women’s Affairs and so forth, and you’ve saved a billion dollars before breakfast.

I like the word masakari. It’s an ancient Japanese battle axe used by warrior monks.