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Some good tidbits:

  1. The Finsec Union backs Bill English! It is over his comments that as the Government is now guaranteeing some of their risk, their margins should be lowered.
  2. The Tailor of Panama Street has a rare piece of good news from the UN Human Rights Council. The investigator into Gaza allegations is not an anti-semitic nutter like some of their previous investigators. That means any findings will have some credibility.
  3. Andrew Sullivan blogs on being a green conservative. He reviews the issues around climate change really well, and the big difference between what the IPCC says and what Al Gore says. His conclusion is to favour carbon and petrol taxes over the bureaucracy of a trade and cap scheme such as an ETS.
  4. Andrew Geddis at Pundit gives National two and a half ticks for their process for reviewing electoral law.
  5. The above named Tailor also looks at whether John Hood will be the next Secretary of Foreign Affairs. He comments “One suspects that Murray McCully will see five years of doing battle with the dons to try and overhaul 900 years of Oxford tradition as a fairly useful apprenticeship for dealing with the much larger challenge of reforming MFAT.” Hood is certainly a possibility, but I understand he may be a bit too political for the Government. The name I have heard as the appointee is NZ Post CEO John Allen.  As the Tailor says though – can he afford the pay cut?

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