Cullen press conference at 1 pm

Michael Cullen is holding a press conference at 1 pm.

The expectation is that he will announce the date he is going to resign from Parliament.

Judith is getting closer and closer to returning!!

I’ll update with the details after 1 pm.

UPDATE: Transtasman have just said that Cullen is going to be appointed as Chairman of not one but two SOEs – NZ Post and Kiwibank.  I think that is a crappy crappy move from the Government and a slap in the face to its thousands of volunteers and supporters.  I fully appreciate Cullen’s skills, but appointing him to Chair an SOE while he is still an Opposition MP, and just weeks after you were talking about prosecuting him for Public Finance Act breaches sends out a confused message.  Any future appointments for Cullen should have been decided on their merits, and left until long after he has retired from Parliament. Not be part of some shabby backroom deal, as this appears to be.

UPDATE2: Transtasman has it a bit wrong, and not quite as bad as thought. Cullen is appointed to NZ Post only, and is expected to become only deputy chair in the medium term. No word on Kiwibank, but I guess that is appointed by NZ Post Board?]

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