Hone vs the student

The reports:

A Waikato University student has made a formal complaint against Party MP Hone Harawira, alleging he was sworn at and belittled in a lecture on campus last week.

Political science student Steve Baron has asked the university not to invite Mr Harawira back after what he called appalling behaviour.

He said Mr Harawira used obscene language like the “f” word and statements like “my big black ass”. “He's just a rude … thug,” Mr Baron said.

Heh I am smiling at the thought of what other words Hone used in conjunction with his big black ass

But Mr Harawira told the Times he would not apologise.

“I shut him down because he's just a . When I did, Maori students … started to clap.

“He just lumped Maori in with other minorities like homosexuals and Asians. I pointed out to him that we are not a minority, but tangata whenua. He tried it on and he got his comeuppance.”

I think we can conclude Hone is never going to be Minister of Foreign Affairs!

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