Is Jordan a secret fan of Roger Douglas?

Jordan Carter blogs:

Michael is a smart, funny, warm and caring man who is already clearly one of my party’s more successful finance ministers.

Now this got me curious, as this suggests that Jordan thinks that Labour has had other finance ministers more successful than Dr Cullen. Because he did not say “the most successful”.

Who have been Labour Finance Ministers, and which ones do he think were better than Dr Cullen? The post WWII/1949 list is:

  1. Arnold Nordmeyer 1957 to 1960
  2. Bill Rowling 1972 – 1974
  3. Bob Tizard 1974 – 75
  4. Roger Douglas 1984 – 1988
  5. David Caygill 1988 – 1990

Nordmeyer was the author of the infamous Black Budget that made Labour a one term Government so we can assume it wasn’t him.

Rowling was Finance Minister during the oil crisis, and has a pretty disasterous record. So presumably not him.

No one could seriously think you would rate Bob Tizard abaove Michael Cullen.

So hence, the only possible conclusion is that Jordan rates Roger Douglas and David Caygill as Labour’s most sucessful finance ministers! 🙂

This will endear him to Leader Phil Goff, as Goff was once Sir Roger’s most loyal disciple. As was Annette!

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