The blogmobile is back!

Thanks to the kind generosity of Barrons, the blogmobile is returning for the Mt Albert by-election.

There won’t be as many kms to cover, but it will be a handy mobile office for Whale Oil and myself to blog on and report on the by-election, for the last ten days or so.

Plans are not finalised, but at this stage keen to do the following:

  • Video interviews with all the candidates
  • A special by-election quiz for visiting MPs
  • Live blogging from Meet the Candidates meeting
  • Daily vox pop with residents on a topical issue
  • Cover major events
  • Maybe spend half a day on the campaign trail with major candidates, and do a 20 – 30 minute summary?

As with last time, open invite for others to come on board for a day or more. Also ideas for coverage welcome.

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