The Veitch saga to end today – thank God

The Herald reports:

Broadcaster Tony Veitch is to appear in court this morning for a hearing expected to resolve allegations that he beat up his former partner.

It is understood he will make a guilty plea, but it is not clear to which charge or charges.

Thank God. I could not handle another 18 months of Sunday newspaper stories about him or Kristin.

Obviously some sort of deal has been done. I expect he will avoid any jail time as part of the plea bargain.

Further comments when details known.

UPDATE: Veitch has pleaded guilty to one charge of “injuring with reckless disregard”. The maximum penalty is five years jail, but for a first offence a jail term would be surprising I would say. Not sure when he will be sentenced, but am glad this brings the media battle to an end.

UPDATE2: Veitch has been given nine months supervision, 300 hours of community service and a $10,000 fine.

I hope Kristin is able to go on with her life now, and can put this behind her. Being kicked in the back while on the floor sounds horrifying, and something that should never have happened to her. It doesn’t matter what provocation there may have been.

Veitch has an opportunity to move on with his life, but will always be known as someone who kicked a woman in her back, while on the floor.  It is good for both parties that the trial by media has ended. From where I stand, it risked destroying both their lives, and maybe the lesson in all this is the assault should have been reported to the Police at the time.

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