Top Ten Punishments for Chris Bishop

Labour devoted a parliamentary question and a press release to exposing the Facebook status updates of Chris Bishop, in Gerry Brownlee’s Office. Chris’ sin was scepticism over Earth Hour.

Anyway I have been leaked the list of punishments that have been devised for Mr Bishop. They are:

  1. Placed in charge of Beehive recycling programme
  2. Secondment to Darien Fenton’s office every second Friday
  3. Now responsible for turning off the lights at night in every Beehive office
  4. Chris appointed Private Secretary for Gender Equity programmes
  5. Required to do a cost/benefit analysis for the national cycleway showing it will cost only $50 million and crate 4,000 jobs
  6. Then required to test the cycleway out during winter
  7. Made responsible for monitoring the Twitter accounts of all Labour Party staff
  8. Duties now include daily inspections of Bellamys food to check no pies or fizzy drinks are on sale
  9. As show of contrition to the Greens, Bishop made speech writer for foreign policy speeches for Keith Locke
  10. Compulsory entrant into Ministerial piggyback race at Easter

Thanks to all of Chris’ friends who helped compile the list!

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