Crime not a big issue says Shearer

NZPA report:

Ms Lee said she was “feeling great” about the campaign, and had already started door knocking.

“We are in the rain and cold to meet the people in Mt Albert to see what they are concerned about,” she said.

Residents were concerned about the same things the rest of New Zealand was, she said.

She believed law and order was a big issue for people in the area.

“As a victim of a home invasion myself I understand exactly how they feel. I want to feel safe in my own home and on the street.”

Few would disagree, would they?

He said the big issues for the electorate were the Waterview Connection motorway, the “super-city”, which people didn’t understand, and the economy. Mr Shearer said he did not believe crime was such a big issue, but people did want “strong, safe communities.”

So crime not such a big issue. Putting aside the unfortunate timing in such a statement, I doubt few many Aucklanders would agree.

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