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Fran O’Sullivan writes:

HQ have repeatedly thumbed their nose at the former political leader by assigning a hopelessly inept cop (when it comes to prosecuting politically aligned crimes) to take charge of the investigation. The top cop was allowed to get away with tarrying for the best part of a year before getting down to business, then refusing to release the full file of his on-again off-again investigation.

The investigation was almost as pitiful as the investigation into Labour’s 2005 overspending.

Brash has had no help from Prime Minister John Key. It is within Key’s powers to direct an independent review of the police investigation. But though he was the direct beneficiary of Brash’s downfall he is reluctant to give the case oxygen.

Ummn which power is this?News to me that the PM can direct a review of a police investigation.

Brash has had no help from Police Minister Judith Collins either. Collins was Brash’s close political chum during the dying days of his leadership when it seemed as if he might just survive. But she has not asked for a review.

In her well intentioned sympathy for , Fran has over-reached. I refer people to the Policing Act 2008, specifically s16(2):

The Commissioner is not responsible to, and must act independently of, any Minister of the Crown (including any person acting on the instruction of a Minister of the Crown) regarding—

(a) the maintenance of order in relation to any individual or group of individuals; and

(b) the enforcement of the law in relation to any individual or group of individuals; and

(c) the investigation and prosecution of offences; and

(d) decisions about individual Police employees.

The Minister can not interfere, and in fact it would be highly undesirable for Ministers to get involved in a case involving their former Leader.

If Ministers could get involved, then I am sure they would love the Police to redo their investigations into Painertgate, the 2005 overspending and the .

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