King sought Pork Board payout

The HoS reports:

’s manager sought thousands of dollars from the Board after the comedian was dropped from its television campaign – and after King had been alerted to pig-farming concerns.

Documents show King’s manager was corresponding with the Pork Board as late as March, just two months before the screening of last weekend’s Sunday documentary, in which King turned on his former employer and exposed what he called “callous” and “evil” pig-farming conditions.

People are going to be very suspcious of the timings and motivations.

Pork Board executives say the figure of around $50,000 was raised in a telephone conversation between Steele and its marketing manager Hadleigh Smith.

The request went to the board in February, and was rejected.

King said his manager’s request for recompense was “news to me” and asked who had told the Herald on Sunday about it.

That’s a very dedicated manager who seeks money on your behalf without telling you.

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