MPs Pecuniary Interests

The 2009 Register of MPs Pecuniary Interests has been published. Some of the entries I found interesting:

  • Anti-Australian bank campaigner Jim Anderton still has shares in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.
  • Jacinda Ardern sounds like a young Che with her accommodation in Mexico for the International Union of Socialist Youth (which she chairs) paid for by the Partido de la Revolución Democrática of Mexico.
  • Agriculture Minister David Carter has an extra incentive to have a successful agricultural sector as he has shares in most rural companies.
  • Judith Collins was gifted a Blake Twigden painting.
  • Roger Douglas has shares in most of the NZX50!
  • Attorney-General Chris Finlayson gets royalties from a legal text he wrote (before he was AG).
  • Most of the Green MPs are involved with the Green Futures Superannuation Trust that buy properties in Wellington for them to live in, charging the taxpayer the rent.
  • David Garrett has an interest in a Tongan waste management company.
  • Nathan Guy has around six family trusts.
  • Kevin Hague is involved with Mountain Biking NZ so presumably a big fan of the cycleways.
  • John Key has set up a blind trust.
  • Melissa Lee has interests in three martial arts companies.
  • Paul Quinn has shares in Xero (like me).
  • Heather Roy pays her territorials salary to the RSA.
  • Nick Smith has had some contribution to his legal fees in Osmose v Wakeling & Smith from Parliamentary Service, as approved by the Speaker.

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