Photos from Great Barrier Island


On the Saturday it rained all day, and this leads to flooding towards the North of the Island. We were lucky that by pure chance the rental car was a four wheel drive as the road just ahead of here was under a good two feet of water. I’ve not driven a four wheel drive before so was a bit nervous going through the water as it was crashing over the bonnet and if we did get stuck, there was no cellphone coverage. The flooding lasted for 100 metres or so. Managed to get through to Motairehe which I had not seen before. Next time I want to see Kawa where there are graves for the SS Wairarapa.


This is down at Tryphena. Sunday was a warm sunny day. But the nice thing about the island is that even when pouring, it is a great place to be. At home in Wellington having the rain pour down is depressing. But over there, you could happily just spend a day watching the rain come down, as the views are so great.


This is the view from the South-East of GBI, on Cape Barrier Road, It is 4WD access only so had not been there before. Just magnificent views.


Part of Cape Barrier Road before it become 4WD only. Most of the roads are unsealed.

I’ve yet to go there in summer. I want to avoid peak time when lots are there, but would be nice to go when the climate is at its best. Will probably organise a group to go.

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