Vodafone and Telecom settle

Very pleased to see an agreement between the teclos. Vodafone says:

Vodafone and Telecom NZ have worked together over the last 48 hours to reach a solution to resolve the issues between them, which have been identified by both parties.

This agreement has been reached by both parties, to achieve the best outcome for their customers, the telecommunications industry and all New Zealanders.

Telecom has agreed to extend its network filter installation programme, in order to help resolve the interference issues identified as impacting Vodafone mobile customers.

Vodafone has agreed to discontinue its injunction proceedings. Telecom’s new XT mobile network will go live for New Zealanders by the end of May 2009.

I have not followed the court case, but the fact Vodafone has withdrew suggests they were unlikely to win.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Vodafone tells me that they withdrew the court proceedings because Telecom agreed to everything they asked for.

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