Bain found not guilty

The jury has found David Bain not guilty.

Regardless of my personal views on who did it, he has won his day in court and the jury’s verdict stands. Joe Karam will feel a strong sense of vindication.

Ironically I believe Bain should thank the Police. If they had not stuffed up aspects of the original investigation, a different verdict might have occurred – but they did, and there was reasonable doubt

It will be interesting if he applies for compensation, as that required convincing a QC on the balance of probabilities you were innocent.

Finally as this saga comes to an end, let us remember the dead – brave Stephen, Laniet, Arawa, Margaret and Robin.

And again regardless of my personal views on who did it, let us hope David has a quiet future, where he can finally move on.

I wonder how many pages the newspapes tomorrow will devote to the story? Half a dozen?

UPDATE: You can vote in the blog poll in the side bar on whether or not you agree with the verdict.

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