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Well the latest poll on David Bain set a record – 1,173 votes.

49% of people said they disagreed with the verdict and 46% said they agreed with the verdict. 6% supported the theory that Robin killed the kids, and then David killed Robin.

However the 46% who supported the verdict were divided on why – 24% said David probably did it, but there was reasonable doubt. 13% said they had no idea who did it, and only 9% said Robin did it.

Previous blog poll results, since the last update are:

  1. The 2009 budget had 51% rate it good or very good, 33% poor or very poor and 16% neutral.
  2. On the possibility of tax cuts going, 37% said they would only be slightly upset as the recession has forced it, 20% said they would be very pissed, 18% totally furious, 17% only reasonably pissed if postponed only and 8% hate tax cuts so glad they were cancelled.
  3. 58% approved of Christine Rankin’s appointment and 42% did not
  4. 76% disapproved of the appointment of Michael Cullen to the NZ Post Board
  5. 47% said National should postpone future tax cuts
  6. 60% think possession of cannabis for personal use should be a criminal offence
  7. 90% backed the restoration of titular honours
  8. 57% supported sinking the Sea Shepherd over the Japanese Whalers
  9. Least desired city to be forced to live in was Wanganui at 44%, Palm Nth 32%, Hamilton 16%, New Plymouth 9%
  10. 54% have downloaded a TV show not yet available in NZ
  11. 76% blamed Hamas for the deaths in Gaza
  12. 38% said 2009 will be better than 2008, 28% said it will not be and 34% said it will be only if we get the chance to boot Winston out again.
  13. 51% said they would rather go without the Internet for a fortnight and 49% would rather go without sex.
  14. 71% supported the use of urgency to pass laws before Xmas.
  15. 11% are missing Winston
  16. Only 46% think Goff will lead Labour into the 2011 election
  17. 75% had a favourable impression of the new Ministry
  18. 38% said the best part of election night was a clear National/Act majority, 27% Winston losing, 23% Helen resigning, 11% did not enjoy it and 3% the electorates National won
  19. 57% said they were voting National, 26% ACT, 7% Labour, 5% Greens
  20. 48% have voted for Labour at a previous election
  21. 47% supported extending the retail bank guarantee to wholesale borrowing, 30% did not and 23% said follow the experts.

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