A non data capped plan from Telecom

The Herald reports:

Telecom is to offer an uncapped broadband internet deal but customers will have to trade off connection speed.

From next week a new $60 a month “all you can eat” plan will be offered with the compromise that downloads may be slower at peak times. …

Brayham said during peak hours – generally 3pm to 10pm – internet traffic “shaping” would target files consuming large amounts of bandwidth, which could include some music, movie and software downloads.

I think this is a great move. NZ is the only OECD country with no non data capped plans – finally we have one.

I have no problem with data capped customers getting priority speeds during peak times. File sharers often download overnight and are generally more worried about the data cap, not the speed – so long as it is reasonable.

Of course we have to see exactly how fast things go during both off peak and peak times, but if the service holds up Telecom could do well with this offering.

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