BNP Babes

Vice interviews some young female supporters of the British National Party. Some hilarious extracts showing their intellectual depths:

What if immigrants could prove their usefulness – shouldn’t they then be allowed to stay? For instance, if they began life here with a six-month period of forced labour? Perhaps spent making shoes for the rest of the population in a giant shoe factory in the East Midlands?
No. They shouldn’t come to Britain at all in the first place.

Can’t even tell when the piss is being taken.

Are most of your friends BNP?
Some of them are. I kind of got into it through my friend Danny. He’s really racist. Everyone calls him “Nazi Danny”. He started telling me about them, and it made a lot of sense.

Her friend is called Nazi Danny. Sigh.

What do you think the BNP could do to improve its appeal to minority voters?
A lot of people have got an opinion against the BNP that they’re racists or bullies. I don’t think the BNP are a mainstream party that everyone should follow. I think they believe what they believe. I think if we came across more to the people, because I’ve spoken to people before, and they’ve been like, “Well, what is the BNP?” and they couldn’t even say what BNP stood for. A lot of people don’t really know much about it unless you’re quite racist or quite nationalist. So if they could explain themselves to people more clearly, a lot more people would listen.

Such clarity.

What if immigrants only asked to be allowed into the country on condition they had been sterilised, so that they couldn’t create any children to further burden the state? Would that be a potential solution?
Um, yeah, I think so.

Oh I love it when people don’t even understand they are being mocked.

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