Roughan gets it wrong also

John Roughan joins Chris Trotter (and most of the media) in blaming the foreshore & seabed legislation on Don Brash. He writes:

A backlash encouraged by Don Brash revived the National Party and unhinged Helen Clark’s government. Labour’s legislative cancellation of the court decision alienated one of its most loyal constituencies, giving birth to an independent Maori Party that bids to be a permanent force in our future.

The Court of Appeal decision was on the 19th of June 2003. Helen Clark said that she would legislate on the 20th of June – the next day as it was an issue for Government, not for Judges.

Don Brash was not Leader of the National Party until November 2003 – five months later.

So to write that a backlash encouraged by Don Brash unhinged Helen Clark’s Government in relation to the seabed and foreshore is simply false. Clark made the decision months before Brash was leader.

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