Anti-Bain group

The Herald reports:

A group of people who believe David Bain killed his family are launching a fight to prevent him getting any compensation or inheritance money. …

Mr Bain’s supporters, who say his father Robin killed the family members and then took his own life, have said they would seek compensation from the state for his years in prison.

But Justice For Robin Bain, formed from the Facebook group David Bain Is Guilty, is lobbying to prevent this happening.

The Facebook group is here, and a website here.

I think and hope the group is un-necessary as I think the chances of being able to prove David innocent on balance of probability (as oppossed to the inability to prove him guilty beyond reasonable doubt) is remarkably small.

In fact I am doubtful that Bain will make an application through the normal channels, as this will lead to a QC producing a report which will make a judgement as to who is more likely to have killed the Bain family – David or Robin. And that will be a pretty damning report I suggest.

I suspect the Bain camp will claim the rules are unfair, and will launch a campaign for compensation to be granted without going through the normal process. I may be wrong of course – time will tell.

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