Dim-Post on changes to smacking law

Danyl has been leaked the proposed changes:

  • Alter font of Section 59 amendment from Courier12 to Times New Roman.
  • Establish designated ‘coffee houses’ in urban areas where children can be freely smacked without fear of police intimidation.
  • Initiate second non-binding referendum to ask voters if they understood question in previous referendum.
  • Key to meet with Sheryl Savill, the woman who initiated the referendum, listen to her talk for up to five minutes and look at no less than twenty of her cat pictures.
  • Larry Baldock to negotiate law change with Sue Bradford on pre-condition that Bradford be confined within a pentagram and bound in a straitjacket and hockey mask throughout the talks.
  • Key to address Families First meeting, stand at podium with shit-eating grin and demand to know who the fuck else they’re going to vote for.

Excellent satire, as usual.

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