Reward for saving power

It looks as though the Government is moving to reward power consumers around $10 per week for making savings on their power bill – to coincide with any dry year campaigns. It will make a difference to the back pocket of a lot of consumers.  First they’ll get a few dollars just by using less power, and second they’ll get an  incentive payment for making the saving.

The big companies have been saying for some time that they’ll shutdown generation IF they receive compensation for doing so.  So, why not follow through and give the same deal to the end consumer?  I think the dollars for savings policy for consumers has merit.

This measure also works as a signal to the power companies to manage their water assets more efficiently and effectively.  Saying that, not all companies manage water.  It’ll be interesting to see if a consumer who is with a Gentailer like Genesis will still get the same benefit given that Genesis don’t manage water assets.

Could media reports be correct that we’re going to see a realignment or redistribution of the water assets, or indeed generation across the board?

I guess the devil will be in the detail…

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