Tell Me Why I Don’t Love Fridays – Tara Te Heke

Friday's aren't very special when you are on the benefit. I mean you don't work during the week so for me every day is a Saturday. I've got no money spare so I can't go out and even if I could I'd have to find someone to sit the kiddies. The best we get is watching and grabbing some takeaway or looking on the internet.

I sit at my window glancing down the street watching over mortgaged, over financed people arrive home from work after 7pm and I ask myself, why?

If Fridays are a huge relief then what are they a relief from? Working. If working is so horrible then why do people do so much of it? To buy their over priced homes, to drive in their over priced car so they can send their children to over priced schools in the they won't turn out to be like me.

Then we have low workers always upset about low pay, but what do they do about it? Join a Union to pay for someone else to go and bargain a higher pay rate so they can afford more debt on more things.

I ask Kiwiblog readers, why? Why do you bother working say more than 9-5pm five days a week. Does it get you anywhere? Does it make you more money than standard hours. Does your employer value your extra contribution? Is your small making you money and therefore worth the effort, or is it all just a giant waste of time and effort?

If it is and you are disciples to the Friday evening, then why do you do it?

And don't just answer to pay for people like me. That's a cop out.

If I wasn't here you'd be contributing to some other taxpayer funded scheme or whim. Because you are all the same. You all like paying else you would vote for parties like ACT that would make me get off my backside, hand me a mentor such as Muriel Bloody Newman and monitor my life like Gestapo.

You feel guilt. You feel as though taxation paid gives you cleansing of that guilt.

It shouldn't. I watch you arrive home at 7pm on a Friday straight from and I keep wondering.


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