“The DPB Party” – great ideas by Tara te Heke

There’s been such a massive amount of welfare bashing lately I have been thinking more about the comments that you have all been making. I haven’t answered many of them as, well how can you stoop to the level of the general comments population of Kiwiblog?

So inspired by all your hatred, up late last night contemplating life, love and Sky TV, I have had the greatest idea I think like ever in my life.

Yesterday figures were released that showed there are now 104,000 on the DPB. What we all need is an advocacy group to ensure our futures are catered for and under MMP we can have it. We are a strong, powerful voting block under MMP.

There were 2,356,536 list votes at the 2008 general election, so 104,000 votes (and of course INCREASING), we currently could vote a 4.4% block, just under the 5% threshold. To get to 5% we would only need 117,827 votes (just 13,827 more) and based on current growth in membership to Club DPB, can we can get there? YES WE CAN.

Then once we had our 6 members of parliament The DPB Party could use it’s minority balance of power to get sustainable incomes for not only DPB recipients but all beneficiaries.

I could think of no better leaders of The DPB Party than Natasha Fuller and Jennifer Johnston.

Democracy at its finest would be National or Labour having to grovel to DPB recipients to keep their bums in the Beemers.

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