Afghans not Afghanis

TVNZ last night reported:

Witnesses say one of the attackers yelled out the name of an Afghani youth gang.

And NZPA today reported:

One of the attackers reportedly yelled out the name of an Afghani youth gang during the attack on Monday afternoon, which was possibly sparked by comments on the social networking website Bebo.

A citizen of Afghanistan is called an Afghan, not an Afghani.

An Afghani is the currency of Afghanistan.

From the Concise Oxford Dictionary:

Afghan noun: 1 a native or national of Afghanistan, or a person of Afghan descent.
adjective: relating to Afghanistan, its people or their language.

afghani noun: (pl. afghanis) the basic monetary unit of Afghanistan, equal to 100 puls.

Would media please stop calling Afghans, Afghanis. It is like calling a European, a Euro.

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