Vic students get the fun research

The Press reports:

A new Kiwi study confirms what most women probably suspect – men look at a woman’s breasts before her face.

Researchers at Wellington’s Victoria University have found nearly half –  47 per cent of men first look at women’s breasts.

A third of men’s “first fixations” are on a woman’s midriff. Less than 20 per cent of first glances were directed at a woman’s face.

Where would we be without such research.

Outrageous Fortune star and New Zealand’s “sexiest woman” Robyn Malcolm said women would be aware of men taking a peek but it had to be expected at times.

“There’s a contract, isn’t there? If I’m going to go out in a low-cut top it’s not saying I’m asking for it, but it’s not that I’m not. I’ve a really low-cut dress and I really like it. We check each other out physically. Why wouldn’t we?”

She said the Outrageous Fortune male stars were not shy about taking a look at their female co-stars’ cleavage.

“We joke about it on the show all the time.”

True Westies!

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